How it all began…


10 Years ago, two brothers decided they’d had enough of life in the big city and opted for a calmer, quieter life surrounded by greenery and were seduced by the views of Hampshire.


After working in a local takeaway for several years, getting to know the community and the people in it, the boys decided it was time that they opened their own place and do things how they think it should be done. They believed that only the freshest and highest quality ingredients should be going in to the food they make and after inviting a couple of highly experienced chefs to help them create the perfect formula for pizza and play around with recipes, pizza time was born.


The Art of Preperation


It takes five hours of daily preparation to make a Pizza Time pizza and we think you’ll agree that the taste it is well worth it! All our pizzas are handmade – no machines, no shortcuts. Italian flour, tomato sauce and mozzarella imported and other ingredients are sourced locally for freshness. With over 25 different pizzas there is something for everyone.


Hard Work and Determination


Hard work, determination and a commitment to quality have seen our business grow into a local institution. We have a loyal customer base and continue to grow from strength to strength. Try one of our pizzas today and see for yourself that when it’s time for a good time…it’s PIZZA TIME!