Our Story

The Pizza Time story began ten years ago when we two brothers, attracted by the lush greenery and calmer pace of life, moved to the Hampshire area from London.

Experienced Beginnings

After 7 years experience working in a local takeaway, getting to know the people, the community and accumulating valuable experience, we decided to open up a place of our own. When a shop nearby became available, we seized the opportunity, refurbished the space ourselves and Pizza Time was born!

As we have always been pretty picky about our food, we invited a couple of chefs from London to share in our dream. We like the freshest ingredients possible and don’t mind paying a little extra for the best. So, after weeks of developing our own recipes, experimenting with flours, sauces and fresh ingredients, we found what we feel is a winning formula.

The Art of Preparation

It takes five hours of daily preparation to make a Pizza Time pizza. We think you’ll agree that the taste it is well worth it! All our pizzas are handmade – no machines, no shortcuts. Italian flour, tomato sauce and mozzarella imported and other ingredients are sourced locally for freshness.

As a matter of fact, Pizza Time prides itself on the freshness and flavour of its pizzas. We are also happy to say that the variety of our menus (over 25 different pizzas) means that there is usually something for everyone.

Hard Work and Determination

Hard work, determination and a commitment to quality have seen our business grow into a local institution. We have a loyal customer base and continue to grow from strength to strength. Try one of our pizzas today and see for yourself that when it’s time for a good time…it’s PIZZA TIME!

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